Alp Arsalan Episode 36 in urdu

Alp Arsalan Episode 36 in urdu

At the beginning of the drama serial Alp Arsalan episode number 36, you will see Governor Gurr Yegor seeing that Alp Arsalan is in Baghdad.

And the throne is empty behind. He thinks that if I attack Vaspur Akan, I will take it. The governor is too quick to attack.

He realizes that there is no one to challenge him, so he wants to capture him as quickly as possible when the Go-Runner attacks.

So the ambassador or lady confronts the governor in preparation and gives the governor a dagger and after one day you will find me always ready to attack.

And you should always keep this dagger with you so that this dagger will remind you of me.” Gorunner is very surprised.

How can all this happen? Alp Arsalan’s wife has so much power. She is more dangerous than Alp Arsalan.

Alp Arsalan disguises himself as his soldiers in Baghdad.

Basa Seri tells his soldiers that Alp Arsalan is in Baghdad and you cannot find him.

Find him by all means and kill him so that he can’t even reach this stone Alp Arsalan is listening to this Alp Arsalan says

You can’t even deliver those stones to Alp Arsalan, who is standing on the side of the road, he doesn’t know who he is planning to kill.

He is so brave that he stands up to him. Even the soldiers of the army come to him. They say that Alp Arslan has taken the minister.

And he has killed all our soldiers. Basa Seri gets even more angry. He says that I will kill myself and drown him in blood.

He does not know my power, Alp Arslan starts to leave after taking the holy stone from him

And then Seri finds out that Alp Arslan is here, he tells his soldiers

But Alp Arslan, sitting on the hill, shoots a very sharp arrow and runs away.

Mukkar shoots a very sharp arrow at Basa Seri and leaves

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