In the drama serial Alp Arsalan, episode number 30, page 1,

you will see that Alex Nidar is standing in his room not smoking,

then his soldier comes and says that they are bringing slabs.

They will reach here in a little while, so the captain says ok,

very good, the captain says let’s welcome them,

they both leave and another big gate is opened.

The soldiers are carrying the slab,

but the captain does not know what is inside the slab.

Inside the slab sits Al-Ar-Silan and his soldiers.

The captain and all his soldiers are very happy.

When the slab comes, they place the slab in one place and swinging happily,

they make the slab stand upright and everyone goes to the Sukh and it is still

a little late when Alp Arslan and his The soldiers break through the slabs

come and fight for a long time

And Alp Arslan kills many of the governor’s servants and takes away the merchant’s

goods from there.And they are killing Sabko in such a long time that Arsalan and

this soldier are unable to get out of there. I didn’t want to do that, then Gour says

He said to his son and his loyal people,

“You have attacked them when it was only one of them.” They do the same,

they attack the merchants and many people are killed and some injured and

the merchant manages to escape from there. He comes and tells Alp Arslan.

Who did that attack?






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