Alp Arsalan episode 28 


Alp Arsalan episode 28

part 1

O Merciful, O Jalil, only a dog can describe Your glory in prison. All praises are Yours

My God, your self is as you describe yourself As you define yourself

O dog that unites our hearts and
turns day into night Hide our transgressions and forgive our sins,
cleanse our hearts and comfort us
Place us with good people and enable us to follow the path of your Prophet

Grant that which is the sun of the morning for us, the bright moon of the dark,
and two Kabalke Imam,
our movement and breath are for You
What has been won by conquests and decided in advance is not ours, it is only you, my God said to me with pride, save me from falling, do not forget this fact

that you The only owner is not everything I have and everything I don’t own

May He grant it to those who love You and Your Prophet. May He grant it to the brothers gathered under the flag of Islam

O Allah, grant me the opportunity to wage jihad in your cause till my last breath, with many victories for the Muhammadan Ummah
Alexander the Great and ending the Seljuqs in a protracted war to keep them busy with their kinsmen in the east

We can never leave our destiny in Alexander’s hands so that we don’t get a chance to target them

And if you do not give enemies for you, then your enemies will listen to themselves. Here our success will take us to Rome Alexander

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