Alp Arsalan Episode 21 in Urdu dubbing

Alp Arsalan Episode 21 in Urdu dubbing

In this episode, Akni Aman is in the custody of Kika Umnis and the commander of the Crusaders And they get a letter during the battle with Sip Salar Alp Arsalan and his fellow soldiers.And that’s what Kikao Manis’s colleagues think

That Akni Aman can read this letter and tell what is written in this letter So the communist and his commander decide Acne should be taken into custody and taken to a torture cell And let Akni Aman know about this letter by giving

her a little upset and pain What important information is written on it?To read this letter to Akini Aman, Akini Aman takes Kokikao Manis and his companions to the torture cell.Where Kikau Manis and his commander Akini Aman are

mentally torched And Akini tells Aman to read this letter what is written on it But Akini Aman sticks to her point of view and says in a gesture I will not read what is written on this letter.He is further torched mentally by the

Caucasus and his commander And they bother to read the letter they received.Akini Aman is not ready to read this letter.The sound of the cacophony of tormenting Akini Aman comes out of the torture cell which is heard by Akcha and

Alp Arsalan Episode 21 in Urdu dubbing

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