Alp Arsalan Episode 2 Part 2 in urdu dubbing

Alp Arsalan Episode 2 Part 2 in urdu dubbing

In this episode, Captain Salar Mohammad Alp Arsalan goes to his camp after the ceasefire. During the fight, Salar Mohammad Alp Arsalan gets injured on his arm.There is only one girl in the camp. This is the same girl who was taken out of the well by Sipa Salar Muhammad Alp Arsalan

and rescued by the Crusaders and brought with him to his tribe.Akcha visits Salar Muhammad Alp Arsalan and she puts ointment on the wounds of Salar Muhammad Alp Arsalan and encourages him by bandaging the wounds.If the wound on your body does not bother you then I am sure that

insha’Allah you will be victorious.After that, an agreement is reached between the army of Salar Muhammad Alp Arsalan and the Byzantine army about the Waspor mine.The agreement is for a period of five years and the two armies will have to abide by the agreement on the Waspor mine.

According to the agreement, the Waspor mine is handed over to the Byzantine army.And from there the Muslims will be called. But the Nazi army will pay the Saskatchewan Muslims a tax on the Kospor mine for five years.But if they do not pay the tax on the Waspor mine, they will pay

four times the tax to the Seljuk Muslims.The Turks working in Waspor mine will work under the governor and no one will oppress them.On this Sipah Salar Muhammad Alp Arsalan tells his Sultan Muhammad Tughral that this decision can be very difficult for the Muslims of Waspor Kan to

accept.Sipah Salar Muhammad Alp Arsalan says that the Byzantine army will not keep it and if it does, it will be possible to estimate that it will keep the agreement.And if the Byzantine army adheres to this agreement, then we will keep our original requirement.They may not be able

to run their finances properly at this time. Sultan Muhammad Tughral and his allies demand the Byzantine army.That they should hand over their Turkish people to them.If you hand over our Turks to us then maybe our Sultan Muhammad Tughral will relax the agreement with you.And may our

Sultan Muhammad Tughral give you an annual tax deduction.On this the crusader commander tells the minister that it is all right Salar Muhammad Alp Arslan says that I think the agreement has been reached. In response, the Byzantine commander says We will stay with you for five years

regarding Waspor mine and now you hand over Waspor mine to us. And we Turks hand over to you and we will also give you the annual tax of Waspor mine.

Alp Arsalan Episode 2 Part 2 in urdu dubbing

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