Alp Arsalan Episode 17 in Urdu dubbing

Alp Arsalan Episode 17 in Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, the governor of the Byzantine army, Dev Jin, rides with his soldiers on his horses to his venue.And it leaves some of its soldiers on the battlefield unprepared for battle.And Sip Salar Alp Arsalan turns his horse towards

his fellow soldiers And General Diomas, who is being held captive by Salar Alp Arsalan’s fellow soldiers.And General Alp Arslan, in front of his soldiers, asks General Deo Moss that what your governor has said about you, your king thinks the same for you.

And you value other generals.”I don’t think the king has such thoughts about you,” said General Salar Alp Arsalan to the abducted General Dumas.Nor do I think it is a matter of honor. Rather, your king and your governor, Deojan, want to kill you.And they

want to humiliate and disgrace you.Capt. General Dumas is staring and listening to the words of Captain Salar Alp Arsalan.Your Gov. Deojan and Kikao Manis are looking for an opportunity to save you from death.Otherwise, your governor Devjan would not have

made you happy with all these words, but he would have taken practical steps for your release and arranged your release. Sipa Salar Alp Arsalan are looking at the abducted General Diomas angrily.That as soon as their commander Salar Alp Arsalan ordered them to attack

him with their swords and kill him in one minute

Alp Arsalan Episode 17 in Urdu dubbing

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