Alp Arsalan Episode 15 Part 2 in Urdu dubbing

Alp Arsalan Episode 15 Part 2 in Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, Alp Goth rides his horse through the forest and remembers a task.Alp Goth restrains his horse and dismounts from it, and binds his horse with a bush-like rope.And he goes to his work, and to the forest he looks

around.If one does not see it, the goth goes a little farther towards the forest and sits down Removes fallen tree leaves in the forest After removing them puts his hand inside a small pit One of them pulls out his hidden object while the

Byzantine army on the other side is preparing for battAnd their commanders are lining up their crusaders, says the commander of the crusadersle.Ibrahim Yanal is a man who is very much wanted by young men, he is telling his fellow

soldiers about it.He should not die of hunger. He should be brought to me in good condition and I will kill him with my own hands.That the crusaders who died at my hands were listening intently to the words of their Byzantine military

commander.In the meantime, Alp Goth appears on the back of his horse and appears from the forest Alp Goth stops his horse near his group of Crusaders and a soldier from the Crusaders approaches and grabs Alp Goth’s horse’s hoof.Alp Goth rides a

horse and Alp Goth dismounts from his horse and appears before his crusader commander.The commander of the Crusades asks Alp Ghot where you were. Alp Ghot tells his Crusaders commander that I went hunting for you in the forest.Alp Goth takes a

wounded wild rabbit out of his bag and gives it to the commander of the Crusaders.The crusader commander then asks Alp Goth about his military readiness, “Will we attack the center?”The commander says no, we will attack the center when they start running out of food.

Alp Arsalan Episode 15 Part 2 in Urdu dubbing

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