Alp Arsalan Episode 14 in Urdu dubbign

Alp Arsalan Episode 14 in Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, Sipa Salar Alp Arslan enters the palace of the Byzantine Governor.And Kikau finds him inside the palace to kill Manis He finds Kikau Manis and his niece Maria and the military commander inside a room in

the palace.Sipa Salar Alp Arsalan Akilahi attacks Kikau Manis to kill him.As soon as Sipa Salar Alp Arsalan attacks Kikaumnis So Kika O Manis’s companion Alp Ghot Sipah Salar Alp Arsalan strikes from behind and brings his dagger on

Sipah Salar Alp Arsalan’s neck.And Alp Ghot Sipah Salar puts a dagger on Alp Arsalan’s neck and says: Do not kill Kikamunis And if you do, I will kill you in this room of the castle Even such a helpless woman comes to the aid of

Sipa Salar Alp Arsalan and she sees That Alp Ghot is holding a dagger on the neck of Sipah Salar Alp Arsalan So Akcha woman bravely and hastily attacks Kikao Manis with her dagger and puts her dagger on Kikao Manis’s neck.And threatens

to kill him And Maria, the niece of Cacaumonis, and the military commander of Cacao Minas That you let my commander Salar Alp Arsalan out of the fort safely.Otherwise, I will kill Kikao Manis with my dagger.On this, Kikao Manis’s niece

curses Akcha Khatun and calls him a traitor.And she says leave my uncle Kikao Manis On this, Sipa Salar Alp Arsalan Kikau tells the military commander of Manis that you have to get out of the fort.At this, the military commander of

do not do so,” said Alp Arsalan. You will be killed I have already come to die or be killed I don’t care, but we will never leave you alive

Alp Arsalan Episode 14 in Urdu dubbing

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