Alp Arsalan Episode 13 in Urdu dubbing

Alp Arsalan Episode 13 in Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, Sultan Tughral goes to the prisoners of war in his palace The soldiers of Sultan Tughral who captured the enemy soldiers during the war and made them prisoners and tied their hands and

laid them on the ground.So that they do not harm anyone.Sultan Tughral looks at these prisoners of war and Sultan Tughral sits next to the prisoners of war and opens the mouth of a prisoner of war with his hand and opens

his mouth and looks at his teeth.And he gets up and tells his fellow soldiers that it is known that the so-called friends have also started doing evil deeds with their dangerous intentions.While he was still telling his

fellow soldiers, one of the prisoners of war pulled the prisoner out of his sword lying on the ground.And quickly attacks Sultan Tughral with his sword from behind as soon as the prisoner of war attacks Sultan Tughral

Sultan Tughral swiftly turns around and strikes back at the prisoner of war, cutting off the prisoner’s hand with his sword.The prisoner of war immediately falls to the ground. Sultan Tughral then begins to tell his

comrades again.That now we have to fight this enemy in the form of our enemy as well as our friends.Such an enemy always strikes from behind and it proves to be more dangerous and now we have to fight a full battle with

with his sword He attacked Sultan Muhammad Tughral from behind and Sultan Muhammad Tughral quickly cut off his hand with his sword in response.

Alp Arsalan Episode 13 in Urdu dubbing

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