Alp Arsalan Episode 12 in Urdu dubbing

Alp Arsalan Episode 12 in Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, Alp Arsalan, a soldier in the jungle, consults with his comrades on the shortcomings of the war.And he scolds one of his soldiers and says to him: You give us wrong advice and I know That you have joined

the disbelievers and you want to join the disbelievers in the hands of the disbelievers.So that the disbelievers may overcome us. Sipa Salar Alp Arsalan insults him in front of his commanders.On this the soldier apologizes to his general

Salar Alp Arsalan. Sardar, forgive me At this, Sipa Salar Alp Arsalan angrily drew his sword from its scabbard and beheaded the rebel soldier.Sipah Salar Alp Arsalan says that we have the same punishment of rebellion. And two things hurt

us a lot.One is compassion for the enemy and the other is betrayal of a friend. Then separate his head from his body And send it to those for whom it worked Salar Alp Arsalan’s companions clap their hands on their chests and express their

consent.He then reassures his commander Salar Alp Arsalan, then beheads the traitorous soldier, packs him in a box, and sends him back to the Natanese commander Kikau Menis.And when the box with the head is received by the companions of

Kikao Manis and they take this box to Kikao Manis And when they present this box to Kikao Manis, Kika Umanis asks his soldier what is in the box he has brought.When the soldier opens the lid of the box, it shows the head of this treacherous

soldier Seeing this, Kikao Manis screams and asks how his commander Salar Alp Arsalan came to know.Kikao Manis then orders his retinue troops to be ready for battle against Siplar Salar Alp Arsalan and his comrades.After preparing for battle,

the Byzantine soldiers of Kikau Manis set out to fight with Salar Alp Arslan and his comrades.This is exactly what Salar Alp Arsalan and his comrades face Tospa Salar Alp Arsalan and his comrades shoot arrows at Kikao Manis and his comrades

Many Byzantine soldiers were wounded.On the other hand, the governor of Kikou Manis says that we did not even think that Sipa Salar Alp Arsalan such a Turkmen would prove to be so dangerous for us.Now he will definitely get a replacement for what he did.

Alp Arsalan Episode 12 in Urdu dubbing

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