Alp Arsalan Episode 10 Part 2 in urdu dubbing

Alp Arsalan Episode 10 Part 2 in urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, Akcha is lying on the bed and is not feeling well Seeing Hassan Akcha’s health deteriorating Gets upset In the meantime, Akni Aman comes to Akcha to find out about Akcha’s condition And she asks Akcha how her daughter is doing Don’t worry, God willing,

you will get well soon. Akni tells Aman Hassan to go out for a while.Hassan stops for a while and looks at Akcha and then goes outside.Akcha has a very deep wound. Two women are wetting the pieces of cloth and rubbing it on his hands and feet. However, Akcha is not feeling well.Akni’s

mother gets upset. Akni’s mother tells the women to take off Akcha’s clothes.The women take off Akcha’s clothes and Akina’s mother tells them to go And mix vinegar in water and bring it to me.And the mother asks the women whether the water which you have given me is mixed with vinegar.

On this the women tell the mother that vinegar has been mixed in this water.Akini Aman puts her hand on Akcha’s wound and says that Akcha has bled a lot.Akini Aman cleans the blood of Akcha’s wound with vinegar water.After that Akni Aman tells the women to go and fetch fresh and clean

water.At the same time, she prays to Allah Almighty that Allah Almighty is the supporter and helper of the orphans and He is the giver of recovery.Because Akcha’s mother had died in Akcha’s childhood.Hassan is listening to all these words of Akni Aman.So many women bring fresh and

clean water.Hassan also prays for Akcha. O Allah Almighty, heal the orphans.And standing outside, he is praying: O Allah, grant him a long and healthy life.You are the Healer.If not his parents, then give him health and well-being. And You have power over all things.On the other hand,

Sipa Salar Alp Arsalan summons Kika O Mans to his palace and tells him That we have complied with the agreement but you have violated the agreement and have not accepted it.And your soldiers attack our women.And do not injure. Turn it off If you do not, we will break the agreement.

Alp Arsalan Episode 10 Part 2 in urdu dubbing

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