Alp Arsalan Episode 1 in urdu dubbing

Alp Arsalan Episode 1 in urdu dubbing

This episode begins with the scene where the battlefield between the army of Sultan Muhammad Tughral and the Crusaders seems to be oppressing the Crusaders and their allies.To save the people from the oppression of the Crusaders, Sultan Muhammad Tughral and his army decide to fight the Crusaders.

On the battlefield, Sultan Muhammad Tughral’s army and the Crusaders come to the battlefield with their own preparations.On the battlefield, the first to arrive on the battlefield was Sultan Muhammad Tughral’s army, led by Salar Muhammad Alp Arsalan, to the enemy’s army, riding on his horse and

sitting on his left arm.Challenging the Crusaders, Commander Alp Arslan tells the Crusaders that we are the companions of the oppressed and the enemy of the oppressors.After this, General Salar Muhammad Alp Arsalan introduces himself to the enemy that I am the son of Sultan Muhammad Tughral Kabhtija

and the famous Chahari Sardar of Rukhrasan.In front of the enemy, General Salar Muhammad Alp Arsalan flies the eagle sitting on his left arm and frees it. And I defy my enemy by saying that I want to fight a man with blood like me.Let him have enough breath so that he can face me and he can fight me

After this, the commander of the crusader army comes on the battlefield against Muhammad Alp Arsalan.Sultan Muhammad Tughral comes to his palace on horseback to consult with his ministers Upon entering the palace, the minister of Sultan Muhammad Tughral greets his Sultan warmly And when Sultan Tughral

enters the palace, his companions play the tambourine and Sultan Tughral dismounts from his horse.A woman greets the sultan when he comes to the palace. Sultan Muhammad Tughral thanks the lady for welcoming him.On this the woman gives many prayers to Sultan Muhammad Tughral. Sultan Muhammad Tughral

then orders his minister Gather all the ministers in the venue of the palace for consultation.The minister immediately obeys the orders of his sultan and gathers all his ministers in the palace At the appointed time, all the ministers, on their horses, assemble at the palace where the sultan has ordered.

When all the ministers are gathered in the venue, Sultan Muhammad Tughral comes there.Sultan Muhammad Tughral addresses his ministers and says that all the ministers have been gathered so that we can consult for our heirs.

Alp Arsalan Episode 1 in urdu dubbing


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