Alp Arsalan Episode 13PART NUMBER TWO Did you make it or did they send it all to Baba? I don’t like the texture of it.

But it’s really funny, he said, take it, shut up, no, I don’t see it, okay, I’ll taste it, Dara, what’s going on, what’s this nonsense, are you okay?
She was going to poison our chief, so what happened, she was surprised to know what kind of poison she said
They have made you a woman since then, open your eyes, go there and fight and say, search everywhere for something other than black leather and swords.
Look well my lord there is nothing else but time is running out let’s lower your sword what is the matter listen to your commander Malik Sultan has ordered you to lower your sword
Sultan Tughril Hasan comes, I will cut off his head in presence of the Sultan, the order of the Sultan cannot be refused, but he will be found, be patient and take him, lock him in prison.
And send the sledgehammer for the bodies. Tell the great destroyer that everything is going according to plan. Let’s get the sledgehammer. Get out. Let’s get out.
As you said, gather all the people, they bring the traitor here, he will not be able to harm you anymore.They are worried to see the sword in the hands of the Seljuk soldiers. They all gather outside the house.

We should talk before it’s too late. Get ready. Tell me what poison is in the food. Don’t hide it from me. Be patient.
Dara Jaan the lady is all together you will also know what is in it there was nothing in it that would make you sick I tasted it myself what happened to the lady you stop
You will find out, Dara, you are fine, you said that I have been poisoned, yes, I have been poisoned, mother, tell me what was in the food, I did not know what was in the food.
But there is another life inside Dara jan, good news is you are pregnant Dara jan lady that’s why you fainted and felt weak.
Thanks be to God Almighty you come in welcome sir this is from Maria if you want I can read it please be very kind before your prayers I am ashamed of my actions to you
The plan you made with Ghanduk without telling me has ruined everything and branded me as a traitor. I tried to escape his evil.






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